Macarfi was born in 2015 as a gastronomic project. It is a gastronomic guide in app / web format and printed version that gives opinions and scores on the 1,000 most interesting restaurants in Barcelona, ​​Madrid and the Basque Country. The opinions expressed are the result of the criticisms received from our ambassadors, people with gastronomic sensitivity and common sense. More than 1,000 ambassadors provide content and constantly feed the Guide. All the reviews received from the same place have been merged into one of a maximum of 100 words. The same process with food, decoration and service scores, which is the average of those received. Additionally, most restaurants have been tested by trusted people in the Guide. The printed Guide is presented once a year, coinciding with the Macarfi Awards. The app / web is constantly updated. We try to explain what you are going to find. Our goal is to create a credible and independent Guide.

The app / web also has an online reservation system and a premium service of gastro experiences in the best restaurants in both cities. This Premium service allows to have a qualitative and quantitative advantage.